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  • 学术报告:Remarks and Generalizations of Unwinding Blaschke Expansion

    编辑:    发布时间:2019-04-25    次点击

    报告人: 钱涛 (Professor, 澳门科技大学)

    时 间:2019年4月26日(星期5)下午3:30 -4:30

    地 点:数信学院数学系713



            Typical conformal mappings in one-complex variable such as Mo?bius transforms, Blaschke products and starlike functions give rise to non-linear phases with non-negative phase deriva- tives, the latter being defined as instantaneous frequencies of the signals they represent. Since Gabor, 1946, the subject of analytic positive phase derivative has been attempted by signal analysts. The study of positive frequency decomposition together with applications has been shown in the literature since 2000. The directly related topic to positive analytic frequency is positive frequency decomposition of signals. The latter mainly includes the maximal selection methodology and the Blaschke product unwinding methodology. Some studies blend the two methodologies together. This talk mainly discusses the unwinding methodology. We discusses, apart from the sifting process made through the classical backward shift operation, also siftings through subtracting constants other than the averages of the functions, and sub- tracting n-Blaschke forms of the given function, aiming at larger winding numbers. Based on the minimum phase function energy front loading principle in DSP the latter are more effective unwinding methods.


            钱涛教授: 澳门科技大学教授。曾任澳门大学Distinguished Professor(杰出教授),博士生导师,长期担任数学系主任。主要研究领域是欧氐空间上的Fourier分析,Clifford分析,时频分析和图像处理的小波分析等。多个SCI期刊杂志的编委、副主编。钱涛教授的“瞬变讯号的时频分析和算法实现:信号的调和分析及Clifford分析”项目荣获首届澳门科学技术奖唯一一项“自然科学奖”一等奖。